Luxury Moncler jackets running 88 boutiques

Moncler jackets, which are generally made in Italy, sell for close to 800-1,000 euros and are produced from goose down purchased from Russia, Poland and France.Luxury down jacket maker Moncler aims to float in Milan in Dec with a valuation which has doubled in the past two years to about A couple of billion euros ($2.57 billion), sources close to the matter stated.Moncler was a dormant model generating 45 million dollars in sales when Ruffini required control in 2003.The particular brand’s sales rose 35 percent to 489 million euros this year.Moncler has been expanding around the world, opening 22 shops in 2012 and now running 88 stores.Moncler has been using off-the-wall advertising campaigns by famous photography lovers such as Bruce Weber and hiring legend designers.

Moncler may distinct the luxury apparel brand by reviewing the other clothing businesses before IPO, Chairman Remo Ruffini said within an interview in October. In addition to selling ski jackets as well as $995 handbags under the Moncler manufacturer, Moncler also owns your Marina Yachting, Henry Cotton’s and Coast Weber & Ahaus sportswear labels, and holds the license for Cerruti 1881.

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